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Customized Operational Services to Facilitate Uninterrupted Flow of Processes

The operation department within the Logistics District offers exceptional operation solutions to provide customers with fast, simple, efficient services and create a dynamic environment for the diverse companies located within it.

The innovative smart electronic systems that were introduced was the first-of-its-kind Masary platform, which significantly simplifies the goods and vehicles transit process while also stimulating the volume on transactions done locally and globally, enhancing productivity by measuring the lead time for a company’s overall transactions. Masary ensures the highest levels of customer satisfaction by being transparent and by cutting down time required to issue entry permits from four hours to a mere ten minutes.


Dubai South Headquarters:P.O. Box 282228,Dubai South, UAE

Other Contacts:Within UAE (toll free):800-SOUTH / 800-76884 International:+971-800-76884
+971 4 814 1111 Email: info.logistics@dubaisouth.ae

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