The DACC free zone provides four types of visas: employment, freelancer, student and visiting.

Through the company’s registered e-service portal

The procedure and fees may vary depending on whether an applicant currently resides in the UAE or not (please refer to the tariff for the visa fees).

The entry permit is valid for 60 days, renewable for another 60 days upon entry to the country.

No, you need to cancel the entry permit and apply again.

No, as per GDRFA the extend service is not available anymore. If the EP expires then it required to be cancelled and then re-apply for new.

For more than one shareholder the position will be partner.

As per GDRFA the age limit is between 18-65, subject to GDRFA approval.

A. Freelancer visa

The Freelance holder can apply for the freelance visa by using the portal account

The job tittle of the freelancer holder will be the same as the freelancer permit.

B. Golden visa – 10 years visa

Local amendment / change of status

It’s an optional service for in-country processing. Once issuance of the EP the applicant has the option of continuing the process inside the country without leaving the country.

If it’s not applied within the Entry permit package , then You can avail for this service through registered E-Service portal account of the company

If the employee did not change his/her status before the granted period by GDRFA then the penalty will be counted.

No, once the change status approved by GDRFA they penalties will be stopped.

If the applicant is inside the country with a cancelled residence permit the penalty amount is AED 25 (per day)

Yes, the Free Zone management team will communicate with the company and generate the invoice if any penalty applicable.

Residence permit stamping

Within 1 month from the date of entering UAE / change status

First, you need to apply for Emirates ID then you go for Medical test.

Any approved Typing centers by Federal Authority for Identity & Citizenship

Any approved Medical centers by Dubai Health Authority and Ministry of Health

Yes, if the UAE is covered within the international network.

Visit visa

No, business center companies are not eligible for this service.

There is two type of visit visas (short and long). The short visit visa is valid for one month only and the long-term visit visa is valid for three months.

If the company keeps the deposit with GDRFA, hence, the Quota will be valid, but AED 200 is mandatory on yearly basis to renew the visit visa quota.

Yes, if the company will cancel this service.

Each 5-visit visa quota the company shall pay a deposit of AED 5,041.

Transfer of residency permit

Internal transfer and External transfer

It’s an option to transfer a current valid visa from a company registered under DACC to another one subject to obtain a valid residence permit

It’s an option to transfer a current valid visa from any Government entity / Free Zone in Dubai.

You can avail for this service through registered E-Service portal account of the company

The transfer form is valid for 60 days.

The current visa validity must be minimum 2-3 months during the submission of the visa stamping.

The application will be signed by DACC authority only.

Yes, by getting the NOC letter for the Current Sponsor

You need to submit the documents to DACC business counters within 1 month from the date of issuing the transfer form to avoid expiration of the application.

The advantages of transferring the Residence Permit that not required to put the family on hold (If any) and all the dependents file will be shifted automatically while the transfer of Residence Permit is completed.

NO, only a government / free zone residence permits are accepted.

Yes, after 60 days of the expiry but the fees will require to pay it again.

Release out

It’s an option to allow the applicant to apply for visa transfer (within DACC companied or any Free Zone authority in Dubai).

You can avail for this service through registered E-Service portal account of the company

Cancellation of Entry permit and residency permit

You can avail for this service through registered E-Service portal account of the company

AED 25 per day (As per GDRFA Calculations)

As Per DACC Policy the G.M Residence Permit must be under the company.

If the company will be winding up, the staff’s visa must be cleared before the GM residence visa.

No, the applicant must stay in country until the completion of the applied cancellation.

Yes, the company stays responsible until the applicant exit the country or change his status within country.

To release the visa quota, we require the exit prove of new change status copy after that we will update the system and release the visa quota.

Residence permit renewa

Available at the company e-service portal

It’s possible to apply for visa renewal only if the current residence permit validity is less than 6 months.

After 30 days of the visa expiration.

The penalty amount is AED 25 (per day).

No, the company must cancel the residence permit as Outside country and reapply as new employment visa.


There are certain type of NOC Letter that are available such as Salary certificate, employment certificate, car registration…etc.

You can avail for this service through registered E-Service portal account of the company

Same day, after the completion of the payment

No, all DACC letters are electronics and the verification link/barcode is available on the NOC page.

Subject to Free Zone Management Approval.

Data Amendments

The available amendment service for the visa are (change job tittle on a residence permit, name amendment, transfer current visa from expired passport into newly issued, nationality change).

You can avail for this service through registered E-Service portal account of the company

Based on the selected position the education certificate attested by MOFA will be required. The job directory is available at Dubai South website

No, the visa must be transfer to a new valid passport and then you shall apply for changing of job tittle on the visa.

Yes, the applicant must be in country till the process completed.

Lost passport

If it was lost inside UAE, then you shall report it within Police station and request for lost certificate and re-issue a new passport in your embassy/consulate available in UAE.

Establishment card

For applying for any service related to the company such as (New residence permit, NOC, cancellation etc...) the company the establishment card must be valid.

Each company will have their own establishment card once the company trade license is issued.

All the establishment card for new/renew companies are “electronic” there is no physical card to be collected. As once it’s approved by GDRFA the client will receive the electronic copy on the registered company email.

No, required if a new residence permit will be applied.

If the granted grace period by GDRFA is over then you must pay a penalty of AED 100 per month. (charges may change subject to GDRFA)

PRO card

The PRO card will be granted for two authority only, which are (GDRFA and Dubai customs).

Access pass

You can avail for this service through registered E-Service portal account of the company

FM contractor pass (All companies, which their activities contain: cleaning service, security services, maintenance services, plumping & Electrical services, facility Management).

Yes, If the GCC nationality is an employee under the company registered by DACC

Work permit

For portal users they shall apply for the passes through their registered portal account under DACC

1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year

From your sponsor (Father, Husband…etc.).

Absconding (declaration/ withdrawal)

In case the applicant didn’t report to the company within 10 days.

No, as per GDRFA rule the applicant must be inside the country only.

Yes, once the request is closed/withdrawal then the company can apply for deposit.


Applications payment process


The employee should approach Free Zone management Business Counters at Dubai South -HQ along with the following:

Salary update

An increment letter by the company is required along with stamped copy of a bank statement for a recent 3 months.

Amended employment contract signed by both employer and employee

No, currently it’s not available

Bank transfer or any approved channels

Refund process

There are certain applications that the client can request a refund for as the following:

By submitting official refund request letter to

The client can request for a refund within 90 days of the payment. Otherwise, the request will be rejected.


No, currently it’s not available. The companies can request for a sample from DACC business counters.

No, currently employment visas are only available.

Yes, if s(he) names are included with the authorization card related to the company.

No, this service is not available within DACC.


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